Survivors’ Stories Needed

I have a favor to ask of my survivor/warrior friends out there (if you’re reading this, I’m talking to you!). I need your stories.

A couple years ago, I felt like I needed to write a book about healing from sexual abuse with a gospel perspective. I searched unsuccessfully for such a book, one I desperately needed when I began my healing process.  It has been the hardest thing to write – mentally, emotionally, and spiritually exhausting.

After submitting it to a publisher, they have expressed interest in it, but would like perspectives from other survivors or perhaps people with a close relationship with someone who has been a victim of sexual abuse. Particularly of interest to me is a small bit of what happened, but with a focus on the healing aspect. Survivors' Stories Wanted.jpg

For instance, was there something that helped you to forgive? Do you have an experience with therapy that really helped? Is there a quote or talk from a church leader that meant something special to you? Did a friend, church leader, or family member say or do something that was really helpful when you needed extra support?

Please know that I will handle your story with care and gentleness. I know how difficult it can be to share these stories and I appreciate your willingness.

If you would like to share you story for this website, the book, or both (in whole or in part), please specify which or all you would like and I will honor your request. You can submit your story here. You can include your name or remain anonymous (however, if your story is selected for my book, I will need written permission from you to use your story at some point).

Thanks in advance and please let me know if you have any questions!


6 thoughts on “Survivors’ Stories Needed

  1. Hi, my name is Michelle. My good friend Jenny Moore gave me the link to your blog/project. This book sounds like something I can truly appreciate and relate to. I would be interested in sharing my own personal story of abuse. I’ve always felt like I needed to share it but have never known how to go about it. That being said, I am not a writer and I’m not sure I can adequately put into words my experiences and struggles and victories. I will start writing down some thoughts and maybe an outline of my story to share. What is your timeline?

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    • Hi, Michelle! Thank you so much for being willing to help out. And, being so strong and brave to share your story with others. I know it can help others on their path to heal. Don’t worry about not being a writer. Just do the best you can and (if needed) I can help you, or I’m sure Jenny would be willing to assist as well. My timeline is just ASAP, hoping to be done before the holidays. If you would be willing for your full story to be shared on this website, I would love that, while for my book, it may be whole or in part to illustrate a key point. Does that sound okay to you? Thank you again! 🙂


  2. Hi Wendy! I would like to share mine. I published a book also last year but it was about the disease of alcoholism. It was our personal story after losing my son to drunk driving. Anyway, what I would like to share with you is how I find healing from writing. If you have time you can visit my articles on sexual abuse and my writing on my site. I am also writing my second book, a novel about sexual abuse inspired not only by my experience but those who have gone the same that I met. Thanks


    • Aui – you’re amazing! I can’t imagine the pain you have gone through losing your son. I will go check out your articles. As for your story, if you’d like to submit it via the submit a story tab, that would be perfect. Thank you so much for your willingness to share and help others. – Wendy

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