Keeping Kids Safe from Sexual Abuse

Life has taken over and I have neglected posting in here. It’s not because I haven’t been thinking about it and I’d love if anyone has a topic they’d like for me to cover (just send me a message or join our Facebook page).keeping-kids-safe-from-sexual-abuse

I’m thinking about kids and keeping them safe from sexual abuse. A few weeks ago, I saw
this really great article and graphic in a Huffington Post article. I thought it was fab and necessary (unfortunately, so very necessary). Every week, I see at least one new news story about yet another child or teen being sexually abused by some adult in their life and it’s sickening to say the least. We have to talk to our kids frequently so they can be aware of the dangers of even “nice” people or people they meet through the internet (really, we need to teach them to not meet people this way. Bad idea).

Here’s the graphic from the article:


I love this because it’s a great tool for parents to easily open the door to talk about sexual abuse with their children. I wrote a pretty comprehensive post on this earlier, so I’m going to be lazy and link it here: Can You Prevent Sexual Abuse?

The biggest thing is to keep an open dialogue with your children. You need to listen to them and make listening a priority. If/when they tell you they have been a victim, BELIEVE THEM. Love your kids no matter what. You are best equipped to teach and care for them and to seek proper professional help if needed.

“If ye are prepared, ye shall not fear” (see Doctrine and Covenants 38:30). If we teach and practice what to do in various scenarios, our kids will be prepared because they know what to do if someone tries to or does abuse them.


2 thoughts on “Keeping Kids Safe from Sexual Abuse

    • First, let me start by saying thank you for feeling comfortable enough to say this here. It’s so hard to talk about being sexually abused. It’s scary. You are strong and brave.

      Second, is there someone you trust, like a teacher, school counselor, friend, friend’s parent, other relative, or church leader, that you would feel comfortable talking to about this? The most important thing is to get you out of this situation and into one where you are safe. If you can tell someone, that’s the first big step in getting out of this bad situation.

      I personally know how it feels to be hurt by the exact people who should be protecting you. Please let me know if I can help in any way. You can use the “contact me” form on the top. I’m not a professional, but I can help you find the resources you need. I also set up a Facebook group for survivors so we can support each other if you’d like to join it:

      Please keep in contact and let me know if you’ve gotten some help and if you have any questions. I’m so sorry this has been happening to you. It’s not your fault.


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